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Can I order with a credit card or other payment methods?

YES – We accept visa or mastercard online or you can place your order and pay by phone. Just give us a call at 1-866-635-8464 with your Visa or Mastercard number, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm Pacific time. Canadians have the option of E-transfer send funds to manager@freshheadies.com

How long will it take for my Bubble Bags to arrive?
UPS offers a variety of shipping options, you will be able to select the option that suits your budget and schedule when you place your order.
We ship most orders the day after they are placed, although if we are very busy it may take two days. We ship orders Monday to Friday, except on Canadian statutory holidays. If you need your Bubble Bags in a hurry, please give us a call at 1-866-635-8464 before placing your order to confirm your estimated shipping time.

Do you offer a discount to Medicinal users?

We offer a 20% discount to medicinal users of cannabis on selected Bubble Bag products. The discount is applied during the ordering process on our website - enter discount code club420
To qualify for this discount, you must send us a copy of your medicinal herb license card (it must show your name) or Doctor's recommendation.  You can send it by fax at 1-604-254-3335 or by email (scan or photo) at shipping@freshheadies.com
If you have already placed your order with the discount code, you can simply reply to the confirmation email and attach the document.
If you are mailing a money order, you can just enclose the documents with your money order. *Please note that discounts apply one per order and can not be added after an order is placed, as well already discounted and 'on sale items' can not be discounted.

How can I order by regular postal mail within the USA?

AAA Hemp
www.aaahemp.com 1-866-682-8130
618 Olive St Santa Barbara, California 93101 United States

Aqua Lab Techonolgies Inc.
www.aqualabtechnologies.com 951-683-4940

215 Jason Court, Corona, CA, 92879 USA

Hydro Hippy
www.hydrohippy.com 415-424-5352
San Francisco, California 94112 United States
Other resellers may also may ship products to you refer to their stores or websites as well using our store locator.


You have 3 different grades of bags. What's the difference between Lite, Standard & Original?

Please click here to see chart with details on the 3 different grades of bags that we offer. 

What size of Bubble Bags should I get?

The 1 gallon kit can process up to 2 ounces or 56 grams (dry weight) of plant matter at a time.
The 5 gallon kit can process up to 8 ounces or 200 grams (dry weight) of plant matter at a time.
The 20 gallon kit can process up to 2 pounds or 1 kg (dry weight) of plant matter at a time.

Why is the 8 bag kit better than the 3 bag or 4 bag kit?

Fresh Headies’ 8 bag kits contain a variety of different sized screens to separate your herbal extract according to the size of the crystals or glandular heads of the plant. You will find that having these layers will allow you to separate your herbal extract into different grades ranging from commercial grade to top quality Full Melt Bubble. The 8 bag kit is the best choice for the connoisseur looking to produce a high quality herbal extract.
The 8 bag kit contains the following bags:
  • 220 micron work bag
  • 190 micron bag
  • 160 micron bag
  • 120 micron bag
  • 90 micron bag
  • 73 micron bag
  • 45 micron bag and
  • 25 micron bag
The 190 micron bag removes contaminants from your herbal extract. The 160 micron bag, although it may contain usable herbal extract with certain strains, acts as another layer of contaminant removal. The remaining 5 bags contain your best herbal extract. Some strains or types of plants have larger crystals or glandular heads than others, so it is difficult to predict which bag will contain the best herbal extract. However, Full Melt Bubble generally is found in the 90 micron bag and the 73 micron bag.
The 4 bag kit contains a work bag, one contaminant removal bag, and two crystal collection bags. With very high quality plant material, you might find Full Melt Bubble in the 73 micron bag. The 4 bag kit is a good option for people who simply want a reasonably priced and durable kit.
The 4 bag kit contains the following bags:
  • 220 micron work bag
  • 160 micron bag
  • 73 micron bag and
  • 25 micron bag

How should I clean my Bubble Bags?

Always rinse the bags thoroughly with cold water immediately after use and hang to dry. Do not use warm or hot water, as this will clog the screens with melted trichomes. If your screens become clogged, you can gently clean them with 99% isopropyl alcohol.  After cleaning, rinse with cold water. Always allow the bags to dry completely before storing them to prevent mold or rot issues.


How can I learn about extractions & using your products?
One of the easiest ways to get your head wrapped around using our products, is to watch the Bubbleman in action. Bubbleman's World is the Bubbleman's way of sharing his passion and decades of knowledge with his fans and followers.
You can also download detailed instructions from this page: http://www.bubblebag.com/instructions/index.php


How do I make Full Melt Bubble?
Full Melt Bubble is a plant extract that bubbles when heated, which is what led Bubble Man to call our bags "Bubble Bags." To begin with, you need to start with high quality plant matter. It should have lots of crystals and be as fresh as possible. High quality herbal extract can only be made from high quality plant material. Most people find they must use the 8 bag kit to produce Full Melt Bubble.
Be sure to freeze your plant matter overnight before starting to make your Bubble herbal extract. Make sure there is lots of ice in the water at all times – the temperature of the water should always be 4 degrees Celsius or lower. Do not over-agitate your mixture. For best results, use our BubbleNow machine for this step. Alternatively, you may choose to mix for 15 minutes with a wooden spoon. An electric mixer can be used, but the product will tend to be of lower quality. The more you break up the plant matter, the more you will contaminate your Bubble herbal extract with small particles of leaf. This will still produce enjoyable herbal extract, but it will probably not be Full Melt Bubble.

Can I make Bubble Herbal Extract with moldy plant matter?
YES. Bubble Man recommends an extra mold-removing step: place your herbal extract into a jar full of water with a tight-fitting lid and shake it up. The mold spores will float to the top and can be skimmed off with a spoon or turkey baster. Then, rinse the jar into the 25 micron bubble bag and press the moisture out as usual.

How should I store my Bubble Herbal Extract?
First, make sure that it is completely dry before storing. Bubble that has been pressed into a ball or brick while wet can get moldy inside.

To dry your extract:

  1. Blot excess water: gently press out as much water as possible using the blotting screen with a kitchen towel or other absorbent cloth.

  2. Powder: break up your herbal extract into a powder and allow it to dry completely. A stainless steel sieve can be used to break up the extract.

  3. Dry: Bubble Man recommends spreading your extract on a piece of thick corrugated cardboard (pizza boxes work well, but not the thinner cereal box type cardboard) and allowing it to dry for 5 or more days.

For long term storage, after your bubble is completely dry, you can store it indefinitely using glass jars or any sealed container. Our Tightvac Jars will keep your extract fresh for months.