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Returns and Warranty


Products may be returned, unused, within 7 days for a full refund on the price of the product. The customer is responsible for all shipping fees (including return shipping) and duties paid. Used items may not be returned.


We do not provide a warranty on items purchased on eBay and Amazon. A copy of the original sales receipt or invoice is required for items purchased from a retail outlet.

Fresh Headies Products

We stand behind our Bubble Bags, Bubble Now machines and Dry Sift Systems and will deal with defective items within 6 months.
Note that we now carry 3 different grades of Bubble Bags and offer the following extended warranties, against manufacturer's defects or flaws only. To see the details and differences on each, as well as expected lifespan, please see the  Bubble Bags Information page.
Please contact us by email at manager@freshheadies.com or phone 1-866-635-8464 if you have a defective item - do NOT ship it back to us. All defective product replacements are shipped either by mail (Canada Post/USPS) or by UPS Ground. We do not offer express shipping on items replaced under the 6 month warranty. The cost of shipping is not included and is the customer's responsibility.

After 6 Months:

Any defects or problems are handled on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us. If we deem the item to be defective, we will replace or repair it. The cost of shipping is the customer's responsibility if the item is out of it's Warranty period.

Products from other Manufacturers: (Apex pens, TrippyStix, Spinpro, Hoodlamb Clothing, etc)

Bubblebag.com will provide a warranty on other manufacturer's products according to the manufacturer's policies. In some cases the customer will be asked to contact the manufacturer directly.

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